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Godrej fire proof safe lockers are of electronic and mechanic type. All the godrej fire proof safe lockers is certified and listed at UL USA and SP Sweden. It is an double wall construction where fire proof material is present between the walls. It is mainly used mainly at offices and commercial sites to keep important document safe and secured. Godrej fire proof safe lockers contains list of products such as Safire 40L & 30L, where safire is available in digital (electronic) and mechanical (key type)

The next product is centiguard where it an mechanical type that can withstand fire up to 90-120o C .Ritz touch with I-buzz is an fire resistnce and intelligent electronic type locker. Citadel and presidio is an mechanical type and double walled design locker that provides strong protection. Ritz bio with I-buzz is an finger print type locker that alerts when unknown person tries to open the locker.

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