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Burglar Alarm system is a electronic device is based on the principle of microcontroller. Alarm system for protection against Burglary Alarm System is of different types like wired alarm system, wireless alarm system and hybrid alarm system. Hybrid alarm system is an integration with wired alarm system and wireless alarm system. 

This alarm system are used in residential, Banks, Financial institution, commercial, industrial and military purpose. Alarm system is used for burglary protection which serves for single purpose, and how the combination of both fire and instruction plays a major role among the alarm system.

 What is called wired alarm system?

The wired alarm system is a cable running from the sensors where it is being fixed to the main control panel. The wired sensor is working using 4 core cables (two pair). One pair used for DC power supply 12V operation and another pair is used for triggering purpose. The major advantage in the wired alarm system is frequent changing of the battery in the sensors is not required. In wired alarm system you can connect number of sensors in each zone.

What is wireless alarm system?

Wireless alarm system is abstained using RF frequency whose range is 433/315 MHz. In the wireless alarm system each zone connects each sensor. The cables are required in the wireless alarm system to connect the sensor to the main control panel. The distance between the sensors and the control panel is 300m open space. The advantage in the wireless alarm system is frequent replacement of the battery. The replacement of the battery depends on the usage of it. If the battery is not replaced proper, the sensor will stop working.

What is hybrid alarm system?

The hybrid alarm system is integration of the both wired & wireless alarm system. Hybrid alarm system is a versatile security solution. It is possible to implement both wired and wireless alarm system. For eg: The distance between the sensor and the control panel should be 300m, but if it is placed more than the particular distance signal will not transmitted properly in such a case another sensor is placed in between then and the sensors connect the previous sensor using wired network. By this way hybrid alarm system is implemented efficiently. In overcome the distance problem we can use “Repeater System”. 

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